WordCom - The global business community speaks one language.
In every industry it is necessary to be international. English is a necessity, acting not only as a cultural bridge between east and west, but particularly as a suitable communication platform in international business. Through the expansion of the European market and the increasing globalisation due to the removal of old economical barriers and the linking of countries via the Internet, the English language plays an increasingly central role in these new markets.
With a team of qualified translators, WordCom offers an advanced service that separates itself from the norm by the quality and range of these services. Native speakers ensure our language databases are continuously updated with the latest slang and trends' guaranteeing the customer's work is always current, relevant and appealing to the target audience.
WordCom customers include renowned companies such as Porsche AG, Audi AG, Reiter Engineering and Pixelmoon Media Agency. WordCom was able to use the extensive network of translators available to satisfy our customer's demands. A working base clearly defined by the customer and WordCom ensures a high level of communication that simultaneously serves as a platform for constant quality and a long and fruitful co-operation.
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